Friday, January 8, 2016

DIY Kids Frames-

Simple & Beautiful:

I've been decorating my princess' room, with things
she loves the most.

She loves almost everything (except polka dots, lol) 
from Doc McStuffins to Sofia the First. Basically anything

I wanted to add pictures on her wall because they are pretty bare.
So I decided to paint some frames the color of her decorations.
And I think they came out pretty good.

  • Wooden Frames - (I got these at Walmart)
  • Acrylic Paint - (Any color you desire)
  • Paint brushes
  • Wooden Decorations - (I got the firefly & butterfly at Walmart also)
  • Buttons or any Accessory you like
  • A bowl with water and a Tissue (To clean the paint off the brushes)
  • Hot glue gun & glue (To glue accessories)

You can make it for your little ones room or something 
beautiful for your living room.
It doesn't have to be kiddy if you don't want it to be.

I added buttons because I had a bunch of buttons 
laying around from scrap booking, and I wanted 
to kind of get rid of them.
Plus they look so CUTE!

I hope everyone enjoyed my little simple project.
It's very simple and the most cute thing you could make
for your little one.
Even for your living room or your bedroom.